Want to hack your half marathon or full marathon in 
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7 things people don't do before every race day that hurts their run (PDF)
3 Critical Mindset Meditation that will carry you through any running crash
Hack  your half marathon or marathon in 90 days or less (just like I did)
Dr. Scott Graziosa on the Endurance Challenge.
    "A running program that is innovative, smart, time effective and most importantly geared to keeping people healthy and injury free" -Dr. Gabe Ellis
    This 45 day simple online training INCLUDES: 
    - Membership to the 45 day Endurance Academy 
    - Learn the 5 phases of endurance training and recovery
    - Burn fat, build muscle, and conquer distance
    - Look and feel the best you have in years
    - You won't learn these running tactics anywhere else
    - Pre-programmed weight and body weight training
    - Lifestyle Locker: Fuel For Endurance training modules (you'll be blown away)
    - Learn breathing secrets for increased endurance and faster recovery
    - An exclusive private Facebook group- you don't have to do this alone
    - How to GENERATE more energy over longer periods of time!
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    Dr. Gabe Ellis

    Dr. Josh Handt is a natural born leader.  He has the ability to relate, educate and transform. What I admire about him is the passion and enthusiasm that he brings – daily.  The man has a gift to transform people around him. A lot of people can inspire but Dr. Josh offers something much more powerful – his energy is contagious and is fueled by knowledge.  His dedication to health and wellness is natural because he lives it – some talk – Dr. Josh is transparent and walks the walk.  He has a created a brilliant workout plan that can truly help anyone looking to level up and live a healthier life.  He has proven this with his clients and shown it through his own achievements.  He is an endurance maniac that trains much differently than those in the endurance game.  His approach is innovative, smart, time effective and most importantly geared to keeping people healthy and injury free. He has developed a protocol and training system to get the absolute best out of anyone.  If you’re stuck or if you are looking to become MORE – Dr. Josh is the man. This doc is pure GOLD!

    Dr. Josh Handt:
    "I've spent a lifetime as an athlete and have looked for things that would boost my health, strength, and performance naturally and in the fastest time.  The 45 Day Endurance Challenge will help time warp you into your first 1/2 marathon, marathon or more.  I've used this strategy to hack ultra distance without wasting precious time that people think it takes to train... remember life is a marathon!"
    Endurance Phase 1

    Strategy: Running distance can see very tedious and boring...and it is for some people. However, when you have radical CLARITY on WHY you are running, HOW you should train, and WHAT  the mindset should and needs to be, becomes very strategic.

    Here are the 'goods': 

    • Access to Endurance Challenge Private Facebook Community
    • Simple inexpensive tools to use for mindset
    • CLARITY on your outcomes
    • Meditation and Mindfulness
    • Pushing the limit...and using mind to do it!
    Endurance Phase 2

    The KISS Principle: I have been an athlete for a really long time...and one of the vital lessons I have learned is the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Silly :)--- FOOD AS YOUR PARTNER FOR ENDURANCE

    Step 2 of Lifestyle Locker Endurance Challenge answers these burning questions: 

    • How do I move for that long without being exhausted? The simple logistics
    • Why would I eat in a paleo-keto way when carbs are supposed to be good for runners?
    • When's the best time to eat?
    • Won't I be CRAZY sore after doing an endurance run/event?
    Endurance Phase 3

    The WEIGHT TRAINING Stuff: Well it's not really that hard...I mean I have broken it down to exercises per gym day, running those days, and more...

    Step 3 of the Lifestyle Locker Endurance Challenge is actually a ton of fun!

    • Learn how to train smart
    • Mobility -VS- Stretching which one when? 
    • Learn techniques that the pros are using
    • DON'T OVER RUN! There's a better endurance formula
    • Make training worth it... I know all of you have busy lives!
    • Don't have a gym membership... no worries, we got you covered there too!
    Endurance Phase 4

    The RUNNING plan: because you want to train for endurance, this doesn't have to be hard... really I've done it and you can too!

    Step 4 of The Lifestyle Locker Endurance Challenge is actually a ton of fun and you can measure your success!

    • Running techniques to increase strength
    • Running techniques to increase endurance
    • Your Shoes Can Help You! What to look for in a good shoe for distance
    • Run farther, run easier, and have more fun!
    • Why nature is good for you and how you can use it to your strength.
    Endurance Phase 5

    The RECOVERY Stuff: You may be able to run a long distance, but will you be able to walk tomorrow?  I hope so!

    Step 5 of Lifestyle Locker Endurance Challenge is actually pretty chill!

    • Learn cutting edge recovery tactics 
    • Too HOT and Too COLD
    • Don't walk Like A ZOMBIE the day after your run! You know you've seen or have been that person!
    • You really don't have to take off that much time after an endurance event
    This program is for you if you want to run your first 10k, half marathon, marathon or ultra marathon and have a program to help you get there. 
    This program is not for you if you have never ran before.
    When you're ready, we'll be here for you! 

    Hi future endurance athlete!

    I was literally shaking the first time I thought about doing a marathon.

    I got over that initial FEAR...and learned how to RUN and train my body and mind for ENDURANCE (and how it could be fun too!). 

    Running FOR ENDURANCE on has been a great part of my life AND it has taught me that there are so many POSSIBILITIES when you put your mind and body in action (remember life is an endurance game!).

    It's not SIMPLE...however anyone can do this and be proficient in just 45 DAYS. 

    Join me and the future Endurance Challenge participants on this amazing journey! We all need to start somewhere.  I promise it will be a blast! 

    Guess what... the first Ultra-Marathon was easier than the regular marathon!

    Honoured to support you, 

    Dr. Josh Handt
    Human Powered Life Changer
    CEO of Lifestyle Locker Inc.
    Lifestyle Locker Endurance Challenge
    'HOW TO'
    PLUG & PLAY! 
    I teach through experience.  With having run a marathon with 4 months of training and an ultra marathon with 3 months of training I can teach through what I learned.  I am also a doctor and run a lifestyle podcast so I am a constant learner and love sharing cutting edge techniques that will help YOU!
    Investing in yourself is necessary for your success
    Have zero experience running endurance?
    No problemo! I am considered a lifestyle specialist. I have been on a mission to help athletically minded people excel in HEALTH and ENDURANCE effectively and naturally. 
    No one gets left behind!   
    I understand...
    possibly you have had a poor experience training for endurance before. Well, that was the past...my philosophy is that 'no one gets left behind'! Training for endurance is like training for life... Life is a marathon and it's more fun to have support and community along the way.
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