Market Your Voice Blueprint
The Market Your Voice Blueprint system brings you from step one until done with bringing you and your brands message to all the right places.  Get found online and become the hub of health for your community.
Create influence and become influential in your community.
You will learn and get:
  • Up to date podcasting course with relationship marketing protocols​
  • What it means for Market Your Voice 
  • ​Market Your Voice Blueprint (course modules)
  • How to set up a podcast for your practice/brand
  • ​How to create video and turn it into a podcast
  • ​What types of content should go on your podcast
  • ​How you can become the hub of health and wellness for both your community and your online community
  • ​Have some of the most common questions you get asked on the phone, and in person answered for them already before a lead / patient comes in
  • ​​ Podcast Production for the busy person (speed course)
  • ​Learn to create a web of incluence (having other make your influential) - Priceless!
  • ​ How to produce your podcast to multiple places
...and MORE!
Be the LEADER you were born to be!
Virtual Practice Blueprint
only $297
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You will learn:
  • To identify your SOLE GENIUS...your marketplace and niche
  • ​The keys to writing your Story and marketing your Persona 
  • ​How to create a Movement  and  building a Community 
  • ​Radical Clarity: Defining Your Avatar
  • ​Your marketing personality
  • ​Learn about the Offer and the Destination
  • ​ ChiroGooRoo Facebook Live Academy ($497 Value)
  • ​ TCP Podcast Training ($999 Value)
  • ​The Mass Productivity Guide ($197 Value)
  • ​Super & Simple Copywriting ($297 Value)
  • ​Ethos Practice Growth Blueprint  ($1999 Value)
...and MORE!
 Virtual Practice in a Box v2.0!!  ($1200 Value)
$7800 in Marketing Bonuses!
Health Podcast GURU
There's NO WAY I could ever influence people on their health.

I can't do a podcast or make YouTube videos or get my message out there.

I'm sick of telling the same story over and over. There's got to be a better way!

Does this sound familiar.....

You do a couple social media videos, you write some posts and they get no traction.


In practice, you feel that you keep telling the same story over and over, your patients use Dr. Google to figure out everything lifestyle-wise that you can't, won't or don't have the time to tell them.

You're frustrated and want to do more but don't know how!

⏰Times are changing. The way we market is changing, the way we consume content is changing, and there's so much that can be done simply if you know the direction to take.

❌ Maybe you think you just need to post more. Nope!
❌ Maybe you think you need to make more videos. Nope!
❌ Maybe it’s just too complicated. Nope!

The trends are turning to both voice and video content and I've figured out how to maximize your exposure in both.

✅I've spent a lot of time, energy, and money to learn from the greats . 
✅I've had to learn from my mistakes and have created a formula that addressed my problem.
✅I've figured out that my patients and other chiropractors are using my content to share with patients.

The masterclass is limited in size.

I will not work with everyone.

I will only work with people who are OBSESSED with helping other people and willing to do the WORK.

Let me know if you want help. 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️

Dr. Josh Handt

Creator of the Lifestyle Locker Radio podcast, Dr. Josh has been able to connect with experts from around the world in over 200 episodes, where he helps spread of living an awesome lifestyle.  With is content being consumed in multiple countries, over multiple platforms like iTunes, Amazon Alexa, Google Play, iHeart Radio and more, he's created a following of healthy individuals willing to take the next steps in health and life.  

Dr. Josh's mission is to make sure that the world has access to the best natural health information out there and he wants to help other Chiropractors and natural health experts to Market Their Voice so we can flood the digital airwaves. 

Imagine thousands of Chiropractors and natural health practitioners Marketing Their Voice and their message all at the same time.  This can create an amazing ripple effect that will potentially be heard by millions.  What happens to our profession when this happens?  Think abou it.  We start to win the minds and hearts of the world.  PREPARE to fill your practice.

Your brand and you have a voice and it is important that it's heard! 

-Dr. Josh Handt
 Josh made the interview process seamless and has the system of podcasting dialed in. I have been interviewed on many podcasts and Josh's prep work as well as the ease of questions made the process smooth and exciting to work with. Looking forward to watching Josh grow as he was meant to be a public figure in the healthcare space!
-Dr. Austin Cohen
  I met Josh through a group we both belong to and new immediately that he was someone with integrity. Being a guest on his podcast was a great experience because Josh is so easy to talk to and the conversation just flowed. When you’re in alignment in and of service to others, and take yourself out of the equation, magic happens and our f**k diet conversation was fun and inspiring! Thank you Josh for being a great host! Can’t wait to be on again!
-Sharon Holand
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